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Wrinkle Removal Massager

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1. Electromagnetic energy activates the collagen shrinking and re-generating, obviously remove wrinkle, rejuvenate skin.
2.Tighten and lift loose skin, perfect the face contour.
3.The thermal effect could improve the micro-circulation, accelerate the metabolism, keep skin smooth, elastic and glossy.
4. RF could improve the penetration of skin care products, promote the absorption capacity for skin. Combining the RF beauty device and skin care products, it will bring better effect: refreshing, beautifying and rejuvenating skin.
5. The wavelength of infrared is 880 nm, it's invisible for eyes. It could penetrate into deep skin, and generate thermal energy, which could active cells, promote blood circulation and metabolism, keep skin healthy and energetic.

Charging time: 3-5 hours
Frequency: 1mhz
Power: 5W
Output: DC 9V-500MA
Input: AC100V-240V
Size: 157 x 40 x 42 mm

Package Included:
1x Equipment
1x Charging Base
1x Adapter
1x Manual